Let’s talk whiskey

Hola! We’re so excited to bring you our latest creation that we had to give you a sneak preview. See, here at 2D we bloody love whiskey. Both scotch fans, but don’t be thinking we’d turn down a bourbon, no way. My go to all time favourite is @Laphroaig, had the 25 year aged once and goddamn I’m hooked. The peatier the better; it’s got to taste like a swimming pool smells (it’s a thing). Ian’s a @Glenmorangie gent opting for that smooth delicious liquid, in front of a log fire, 2D Gentlemen candle adding to that sweet aroma what’s better?
Anyways, with Ian getting hitched last year and it being pretty much a tradition for everyone to be drinking we needed hip flasks. Ian created some incredible leather bound little numbers for the groomsmen (lime green for me, of course).
The feedback from these was so positive, people asking him to make more we had to add it to the 2D range. We’ve got leather and fabric variations coming soon and they’ll sell fast! One’s gone before we’d got it on the website!
Why not pair it with a bourbon espresso candle for that perfect gift?IMG_8173
Jonny x
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